• Golden Love

    Golden Love

    An old prospector, Sour Dough, makes possible Laura Rutherford’s escape from a Colorado mining town in 1880 to accept a scholarship to Eton College in Denver. With her teaching degree comes heartbreak. Back in Placer she teaches the miners’ children and helps Jennie, a dance hall girl, learn to read. Jennie’s shocking death resolves Laura […]

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  • Doubt - WEB


      Ravannel, very drunk, grabbed Cal’s arm and pulled him before a huge gilt edged mirror. “Look there real closely.” “What in the world do you want, Ransom?” “You wanted me to tell you why I don’t want you to tell your mother you work for me. This mirror explains it all.” Cal pulled away […]

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  • My Love Will Always Haunt You - WEB

    My Love Will Always Haunt You

    Cal and Laura sat on a bench in the hospital court yard enjoying the sunny day. Suddenly Cal put his face in his hands. “Ma, after the plane crashed and I lost my memory I would have this dream. There was a beautiful face smiling at me just beyond my reach.  This perfect creature had no […]

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